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8 reasons….

October 31, 2007

….why i won´t visit the Indoor Skatepark Bienne in the next time.

1. The opening times are short (4 hours at a sunday)

2. Most of the time they open late..very late..sometimes there won´t even come anyone.

3. The price is too high (compared to other, better skateparks)

4. The Ramps are for little Kids

5. The Ramps break under your feet and you can´t touch anything without getting splinters

6. There is Garbage all over the Ramps, everything is Dirty and smells from old Beer and Weed

7. The Indoor!! Park is filled with gangster kiddies who don´t even skate and just hang around (i wonder if they have to pay too)

8. There is no way i sit in the Train for 4 houres complete and just skate for 3 houres.

That´s it.

at least Jero did a cool wallride..welcome back!


bienne again

October 31, 2007

i decided to give it another try. Cause they have a skateshop integrated they MUST have open at weekdays.
If not, i’ll go enrage and bust a windows or sumthing, get in and skate anyway.
And this time i won’t forget my akkus, so i can at least make some picts.

cool to be me…

October 30, 2007

well at least sometime 😀

i just played around with the iphone, and evne when the apple goes bad ad forces everyone to use one company…i think i’ll keep hat little gem…

..if i just could 😦


October 29, 2007

i got up and it was still dark..

i came home and it was dark again…everything went if it was painted that way..

wintertime makes me depressive.

Skatepark Bienne sucks

October 28, 2007

cause they were closed today…
and as it seems that happens quite often..
why is a group of drunken, weed-smoking loosers allowed to manage a skatepark?

Fucking loosers.. when there are opening times on your homepage..i want the park open at that time.


October 28, 2007

jupp.. every watch will be set back for one hour..

do not forget like i did…. :S

no i leave for skating in Bienne.


Skatepark Obwalden

October 27, 2007

so, finally i can present my Renderings from the Skatepark Project in Sarnen. It’s a Concrete Skateparks with a big Bowl, and a Streetsection. will start with the construction sometime in the winter and the Park will be finished in the late spring. Visit the Page for more Informations.

animated 360 view of the park.






razors “ICONS” premiere

October 27, 2007

so..i’m off to the Razor DVD Premiere at the Rollingrock skatepark.
I don’t know what to expect cause Razor didn’t made a good Teamvid since “UnCloned”
But at least it’s a AJ Johnson Production. And even when EGO sucked alot, i hope the new one is better.

anyway.. i’m off for the Day.


p.s. here’s a review i’ve found on bemag
link:–> REVIEW


October 26, 2007

update on my WIP


architectural WIP

October 26, 2007

as we soon have to make some arch visuals, i started some tryouts in XSI cause i don´t want to gob ack to C4d.

first room rendertest