so, for all the rolling people with a parent-sponsored GL2
or VX2000… on your footage.

here’s a sample of how you could make more
out of your footage.

start with the original raw footage
adjust the levels and make it a bit brighter, duplicate the clip and desaturdate it, place it over the original clip, adjust the levels again
and multiplicate the thing. Work on the opacity till it looks good.
Then it’s a good idea to duplicate the bw clip again, place it below the multiplicated clip and set it from multiplicate to soft light.
At least goto the original clip and adjust the colour balance to make it look better. A bit red and yellow (not too much) makes the picture warmer. If necessair, adjust the saturdation a bit too, and try to check it on a TV-screen. Computerscreens never works good for reference view.

happy post-work

Clip <– Click on THAT


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