so.. wankdorf

here are the pictures i promised.

so, after meeting Toe and Luki at the Trainstation, we found out that
there are massive demonstrations planned fot today. Skinheads against Hippies and stuff.
And as much i would like to get my red bandana and my Guitar and kick some Nazi’s ass,
we still had a Mission.
So first Spot were some Curbs (we just skated Curbs that day) And we got some Footage but no pics.

then we went to Wankdorf

sadly the Ledge there was destroyed by something that looked like Metal trucks.
but it couldn’t stop toebee from topaciding a little piece of Concrete..

then we visited the Wankdorf Stadion,
another Bad day for Rollsports. All Curbs except of one has been capped.
so we skated like crazy ther, cause it could be the last time ever.
Toebee didn’t even stop skating for Lunch.

and Luki managed to make some picts..good enough that i was more or less happy with them.
myself, sweatstance

and topporn

Later we’ve got to that Bank to Fence spot where Toebee showed his skills.
And in Not-Memory of his little “Accident” he wears a helmet now for the harder things

and that’s the day more or less..
in the evening we visited an old Skatepark and
took it easy.


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