public transports

damm you Swiss Railway.
I’m so pissed about miss my connections on 4 out of 5 days a week.
And today we had a Lag, and the whole train just stand around on a Trainstation.
The doors won’t open and noone explained anything.
I know that this is still not bad if you look at..Calcutta or something like that.
But the Public Transportations in Switzerland are menat to be the best of the World and
we pay a Shitload of Money for being able to use it. And i still have to get up 45 min. earlier now, just to
be at the office in the right time. Well i learned from that and bought me a MacBook.
So i can use the Traintime as worktime.
And beneath all the’s still cheaper than a Car.



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One Response to “public transports”

  1. danielll Says:

    Die DB ist schlimmer – die streiken noch die ganze zeit weil se mehr geld wollen und verlangen gleichzeitig mal wieder mehr für die tickets – nicht mehr lustig…

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