after the Saturday misery, i decided to skate alone today.
Cause it was foggy and ugly in Lucerne i went to Basel, hoping the Wheater would be better there. And guess, just while i was sitting in the Train, listen to George Harrisons “here comes the Sun”, the Fog went away (what’s the difference between fog and mist anyway?) and there came the sun.
At first i visited the SBB skatepark, but it was a dud, cool miniramp but very ghetto and dirty. With nothing more to do there i went to the Pumpwerk Indoor Skatepark, knowing that there are easy people there (there is no hate between Rollerbladers, Skateboarders and BMXers in Basel, it’s great) and beeing honry for the big midiramp they have. I say midiramp cause it’s much bigger than the average miniramp but still smaller than a halfpipe and without vert. As i expected i met some friends there, Franziska , Jo and Kevin (the topsoul guy) and made some picts.






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