what do you Believe in??

well.. that’s a question i ask myself many times, and i fear that i never will find a decent answer.
I think that’s most peoples problem today. Back in the day people believed in a great afterlife, or got forced to believe that. (Some still are.)
They could bear the bad life they had, believing that it will be better in the next life. But today there are many doubts if there IS an afterlife. Science is almot sure that the Soul is just a Product of our brain to help us to fulfill our destiny of procrastination (sp) and keep the species alife. But not even that is necessaire in these days cause we don’t even need to have sex for getting babies. So what is a human good for anymore?
Violence grows and people start doing drugs and stuff earlier than ever. Could it be that missing feeling? The lost of faith in a better future? Or is it the knowledge that there IS no future, that there is no sense behind anything. That Evolution is everything and if we don’t work well, something else will take our place?

Uhm, my 2 cents are that i do NOT kow what happens to me, my soul, my hopes and whatever makes me the Person i am, when i die. And i do not believe in much what Religion can learn us. But i hope that there IS a greater purpose in Life (mostly i think that there is something that holds me back from killing people i don’t like, hehe ) , i try to believe in karma, like do good things and god things will happen to you.

I am the cause of my own suffering….
I am my greatest Enemy….

I am….the white rabbit 😀



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One Response to “what do you Believe in??”

  1. toe-bee Says:


    procrastination is what i do.
    i think you meant to procreate?

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