WordPress works again…Pictpost


here we go with the Pictpost from my Skating day with Toe-Bee
in Winterthur
(wordpress still have some troubles with the servers so be patient….)

btw. i could rant a bit about all the stupid people who visit skateparks just for sitting around on the obstacles, so please: Dear Pro-Hoes and wannabe skatergirls…use your skateboard or your rollerblades or stay home, and if you can’t use one of them and just came to watch the “Cool” skaterbois… STAY AWAY FROM THE FUCKING OBSTACLES. I swear to all Gods i’ll grind over your dammed fat Asses when i see you sitting on obstacles that i want to skate.

that had to be said.

pict of my (made by myself as usual)

Toe earned his respect from all the Grommets with that Soul Stall on the Fence
Toe Stall

going old-school with a high Mute grab.
Toe Air

Ans specially for Be-Mag a siihB Soyale transfer
Toe Soyale

Well ToeBee is Happy and we call it a Day, i didn’t made more picts cause i want to skate too.

last but not least: that lik skateboard kid with a BombDrop on the Wallride.



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