Skating Day in Basel


hey YOU!!!
Yes i mean YOU…

Toe-Bee and I were visiting the Basel Skatepark today…
And i found out that He is a powerfull Photoslave 😀

so WE

Skated a lot of Miniramp and a a bit the Halfpipe.
But cause we had to share Toe-Bees Helmet (not a nice experience i can tell you 😀 ) that was just a short session.

miniramp was Crazy and there are sadly no pict of our “old-School” session with Rocket Fishbrains and a lot of Rough Grinds. but here are some aveage Picts.

I love Sweatstances…

And Airs..

And Inverts 😀

Toe likes Sweatstances too.

Sadly i have no pict where he does the Topacid correct.

But he made Crazy fakie 360´s over the Spine

and great Bio 540´s with mute…

and Liu Kang grabs

and I did Fishbrain…

so then.. that was our Day…..



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One Response to “Skating Day in Basel”

  1. ali Says:

    Nice pics!
    As a swiss native, do you know if there is an indoor skatepark close to Zurich? Me and a couple of friends go to a skiing area called “Flumser Berge” or something like that this winter, which is supposed to be not that far away from Zurich.
    Thanks for your help!
    Cheers, ali

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