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wheeled shoes ARE better

November 30, 2007

teh rootz

November 30, 2007

almost like back in the 90th’s                                                       Dustin Latimer on grooving you Nimh Skates

persepolis and pizza

November 29, 2007

we were watching persepolis yesterday, what a great movie. Great style, great animations, great story, great sound, and great voices. Everyone who is a bit interested in politics and/or animated movies with a good story or good stories general should watch that movie. And the pizza was great too 😀

of men and dentists

November 28, 2007

damm dentists….my tongue was still a bit stunned from that unlucky stun 2 weeks ago (he had a direct hit on a nerve)
and my other teeth hurt from that hole-filling thing from last week (no stun cause of the accident 2 weeks ago :S )
and today i was again there..luckily without any mistakes and accidents. On the bright side, this was the last visit for a long time, and with a bit luck, and enough brushing and flossing i don’t have to make a marathon like this again.

anyway…here’s a little “Dentist” clip from one of my favorite movie.

lot of work these days

November 27, 2007

no time to update all the time.. sorry

but gape found a clip of Browkow on the transworld sb page 😀



November 25, 2007

damm…the weather was bad and depressing today. Good for me that i didn’t had to be outside.We visited Winterthur and Basel that weekend and had a good Time rolling.At the evening i did some work and some stuff for the X-Mas Battle, all i can say now is that it will be a great event with a lot of Special guests from the USA.Anyway, here’re 2 shots from today.Depressing Weather and Luki with a new-learned AO Topporn.      wald.jpg  luki1.jpg

great section

November 25, 2007

November 23, 2007

Like every year, we made a “welcomes you” edit for the X-mas Battle Royale.

Eventpage with Vimeo edit

Vimeolink and Eventpage

high quality download (100MB)

klick’n save

New’s and infos on


November 23, 2007

i just wanted to write again that i still soooo can’t wait to see I’M NOT THERE for the first time.And i hope my feelings won’t fail on me. Please let that be THE Movie i was looking for all my life….Please…


November 22, 2007

And another pict of my polaroid-series.

Meeting Martina again was cool, yet strange. Everything stays the same but is completely different. Strange? Yes. And i finally have a VHS again. Can’

t thank you enough.


Martina, Dea and me.