finally again..

sorry guys..

i know it was a long time, but i had so much to do. And even now i’m supposed to work (saturday enening!!!!)
do some screendesigns, pp the picts i want to post here, and cook btw. Ignoring the smoke from my kitchen i present you here some new
renderings, a new homepage, and a pict from our todays skatepark visit (zofingen skatepark sucks BTW)

first is a Pict i made while sitting in the Train at friday. Inspired from a beautiful work from masterofacid

he said i could rework it (i already have done but i wouldn’t publishd it without he giving me the rights)

and here’s the pict. It’s not exactly the same, and not cause i suck at modelling insects..more cause i play around with shaders and rendersettings and i wanted to test some things…and cause i suck at modelling insects.

and heres a render of the wip “old man”
just a inbetween render with a cheap stone texture…skin comes later when i finished the model
i’m just finishing with the tweaking (well some of the lops are still scary..but hey, it’s one of my first characters ever..i just did arch stuff in C4d before)

and speaking of loops..
heres the wire. There will be some brush work soon, wrinkles, pores and stuff

later we talk about the re-design of my old homepage
i installed a blog there too for everyone and everything about rollerblading.

and a pict of today 😀

Luki get some air with a cross something grab.

so.. i’m gonna eat the burned remains of my food now.
have a nice sunday and pardon my english.


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