my day..

..was hard, but funny.
Get up in the morning was as hard as always. But after getting my coffee and catch a nice, single, seat in the train (i hate everybody in the morning) i was choosen to see the cities skyline bathed in sunlight and a big storm who build himself up behind.
Later, at work, after my 2nd or 3rd espresso i worked on some drawings and cut together the 4th episode of our actual project. You will see it on TV sometime in the future.
Healthy salad and a not so healthy sandwich for lunch, some fun and online researches (browsing bemag) later, we talked about some software decisions (Catia is better but soo expensive) and a meeting about our new Emailbrowser i left the office, during the storm now ( i love my office job when the wheater is like that 😀 ). I modeled a bit in SILO and did some Renderworks in XSI. Picts will be on later.
Now i’m at my parents home and wait for the Band to stop Jamming.



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