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February 29, 2008

jup, i have them 😀

Just a funny test (not even HD 😦 )
Little tracking in icarus, rendering in C4d andfirst time tracking and compositing in Motion. (AE ftw)



February 28, 2008

i know i’m lazy with posting stuff in here. But there is so much i should do right now.
And i’m pretty pissed. My pocket wizards doesn’t work together with my SB-600 and yesterday (when i had my free day) i couldn’t skate cause of the damm rain. Fuck it!
Of course it’s warm and sunny today WHERE I HAVE TO WORK. Sometimes i just hate the whole world and would like to kill some people, just to calm down.
Esp the Lady in the train today who was coughing all the time for a whole hour.And i hate to write anything in here right now so fuck off. 😦


February 25, 2008

well.. after much thinking and a lot of work, i kicked my old ideas and worked on a new design.
Then i remembered the old vid from trendkiller and arlo and decided to use one of arlos designs.
It stands for believing. The cross is for faith (don’t matter what religion) the white rabbit is there for phantasy and imagination (alice in wonderland and the 60’s) and the fact that the rabbit is dead remembers me about my mortality. Strange? Well… that’s me.
Oh, and the whole thing stands for one of the milestones in Rollerblading of course 😀



February 24, 2008

today i finished the portrait of my father.Token with my old D70 lighted with some crappy halogen lights.



February 22, 2008

finally i had the time to make some new renderings.
Thats some messin’ round with FG and some geometry to make a cool background.
Surprisingly my buddies form the comany liked it ad no i have to make an animation out of that.
Something like a cam pan.
Well, let’s see.



February 21, 2008

whoa… i was so hard at work that morning..
rendering some stuff for a big machine-building company.
Now my other Mac is rendering some stuff and i work here on the Showreel of our Company.
I hope i can show that asap here.

In other news, i cleande um my whole appartement and my Sister put her furniture in there yesterday.
So it’s really packed there right now. Hope i can move on soon.

new razors shell

February 21, 2008

razors at the X-mas Battle

February 18, 2008

winterclash picturepost

February 18, 2008

click on winterclash and maximize your windows

they are BIG :D(uh, and javascripts turned on would help)

best thing you can buy in your whole life.

February 17, 2008

it will let you solve ALL your problems.