well.. after much thinking and a lot of work, i kicked my old ideas and worked on a new design.
Then i remembered the old vid from trendkiller and arlo and decided to use one of arlos designs.
It stands for believing. The cross is for faith (don’t matter what religion) the white rabbit is there for phantasy and imagination (alice in wonderland and the 60’s) and the fact that the rabbit is dead remembers me about my mortality. Strange? Well… that’s me.
Oh, and the whole thing stands for one of the milestones in Rollerblading of course šŸ˜€



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5 Responses to “tatoo”

  1. koubis Says:

    Bigger pic of the tatoo! plz ^^

    I really love the skull/bunny concept, i allready saw it on someone’s arm, and that

    [edit: starscream]
    It’s just a Photoshop sketch till now. I meet the artist that or next week and check the prices.

  2. koubis Says:

    here is the tat i was talking about šŸ˜‰

    i’ll post soon my article dedicated to blading tatoos!

  3. bassti/heydudevm Says:

    thats gagi wagenblasts arm you posted koubis!

  4. koubis Says:

    great! thanks for the info, i had no idea ^^

  5. koubis Says:

    Skating Tatoos part1:


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