Sarnen built a Skatepark lately. It’s open now, and i took the chance to roll by and had a bit fun there.
The Bowl is really great, but the streetpark is (as most of the streetparks from a bit on the boring side…mostly cause there are almost too much elements in the place, and some Lines are almost imposible to roll, everything is planned for skateboarders..say ankle high. And the only Ledge is too steep to land without pain (as in Frauenfeld)
but I like the Bowl…really.

Enjoy the Edit i made. It’s a bit shaky, and i didn’t noticed the dirtspot on the lense 😀
And the tripod footage is never that good, and, and , and.. 😀
Anyway, it was shot on my old CanonXM2, cut in FCP2 and the Grades were made in Color.



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