sarnen/luzern session


we were in Sarnen again, Toebee and me. Good thing to get up early, cause we had a almost empty park for over 2 houres.
Short after noon, lots of Scooterkiddies and skateboarders apperar, and around 4 o’clock it wsn’t bearable anymore.
But some Skateboarder friends of mine wnated to left too and offer us a ride to Luzern to the FourSkatepark.
So we left (just as the Swiss-almost-OG’s arrived in the massively overcrowded park)
So we went to the FSP for some tricks. I had a Pretty good time, while Toebee had a low and fell alot till he decidet to improve his sitaround-and-watch skills.

Myself, fish stall in the vertcorner

Toebee, same spot, same trick

The sun burned my poor skin

Atilla, tail-something (don’t know the Skateboarding names) (i know it’s too bright, my bad)

Atilla, same trick, different angle

Atilla, Boardslide (a bit)

Atilla, 360 Transfer attempt

Toebee, sun protected

Oldschool skateboarding with Family


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One Response to “sarnen/luzern session”

  1. kitchentent Says:

    awesome image on the transfer attempt.

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