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FP-TV episode 3

April 29, 2008

whoa.. lot of work and fun today…

the Toe-bee interview is over 10 min. of random knowledge and scary shit.
Editing will be finished till the end of the week and then it goes into Postproduction.

different day, same shit

April 29, 2008

so…today sucks again.
The people from the ETH just moved the Deadline from Mai 15th to Today.
And my Guest for the next FP-TV episode canceled cause he want to watch football…
big Fail.

well now i have to key 28 sequences in 2 versions and ftp them till tonight.

Life sucks.

Thun session today

April 27, 2008

we visited the remains of the Rollorama, sad place to be.
But at least we managed to find some trash and build a jumpramp 😀

Toe-bee, Mary poppins style

Of course we filmed some stuff (lately more than i take picts again)
I did some 540s there.

later we visited some streetspots.

Toe-bee, Frontside revert

and in motion

university fun

April 24, 2008


April 23, 2008

wow, that was a strange experience. But cool.
The Tattoo guy (roli) was pretty cool and and did a damm good job.
So if you’re in switzerland and want a tattoo goto livingcolor

Goodbye clean skin


poor skin

for life

tomorrow ….

April 22, 2008

well…i get my tatoo tomorrow. My first one. I’m kinda shaky and unsure, but i think that happens to everyone (at least i hope that). But i worked a long time on that and had many thoughts and doubts.
And i still think it’s a good thing. AND IT’s NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE PLAYBOY BUNNY. Everyone who thinks that is a Fail and has to GTFO. Well, where was i?..ah, the tatoo..tomorrow, 11.30 is the time. My Shuffle is loaded and my body is relaxed. Let me sleep tonight. I try to make some picts during the session.
CU tomorrow.

Today picts

April 20, 2008

whoa….cool session today, but we did more filming than photographing. so enjoy the few picts.

Yeah, i’m back on VALO. I said that.

Toebee likes negatives…. noone knows why.

And he likes Backunitys. He said that.

And he has houres to do a Fishbrain stall on a Mini-Mini-miniramp. I said that

download or cry

April 20, 2008

newest news from Vibralux

a great Edit in HD with Ducks and skateboards.
right click and save as: HD 450MB

saturday picture post

April 19, 2008

it was a typical rollerblading day, where 4 people agreed to skate and just 2 of them showed up.
It happend to be Toebee and me (as usual). After doing some tricks in the most ghetto Miniramp in switzerland we went to the Pumpwerk for a short visit, where Toebee tested some Xsjados.
Kevin, the owner of the xsjados came with us to the next Spot, the messecurbs (some people may say they should called ledges)

Ghetto miniramp

Toebee, testing the Xsjados

oh, hai

me, ao topporn

Kevin, BS Torque

Kevin, AO Acid Soul

shine a light

April 17, 2008

damm….i always start to forget why i like the stones that much. And then i watch a movie or listen to the songs again and BANG i’m a fan again. My Goal is to feel the same about rollerblading as they do about music…just do it and feel good, dont think about it, don’t analyze..have fun and don’t stop.
But i don’t think i can do it as good as now at age 60. 😦