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some pictures

May 30, 2008

i shot some picts last wednesday.
Some of them are kinda cool…different view on daily stuff.
And, yes, fottergraph is my new Label… (confused about the name? Just follow the Path of the Beam)

Rocks with the Fisheye

People, a bit confused (dunno why)

Lonesome Lost Labello

Clouds’n Sun


new skatepark zurich

May 30, 2008

they plan a new indoor skatepark in zurich. As i heard it should open in fall 2008.
Just hope it will look better than in that strange Viz.

German news

fourproductions is dead since 17.05.08

May 29, 2008

just a short reminder, cause some people still thinks i’m kidding.
The Project is down. Everything that went online after the Mai 17th 2008, and didn’t comes up on that page, is FAKE and not done by me (even when there are clips used that i shot or with me inside).
So please stop the bullshit and just let it be.

FR forever

May 27, 2008

i just love them….
Thanks Toe-Bee

some pictures

May 27, 2008

We were in Sarnen at Sunday (where i tored some muscles in my Hand:S ) but i shot great picts. sadly i can’t show you the better pict of Chris’ 540 Transfer. Be-Mag wants it.

Chris “fish” Nachbur, 540 Transfer

And here’s a quick test with our new Greenscreen
Shot without a lightsetup or anything.. just to see if it works.

Still RAW




May 24, 2008

After Toby’s little misunderstanding (epic fail) and an endless Trainride (broken Locomotive, late Trains, and a complete breakdown in the Thun Trainstation) ,
we didn’t compete in that contest cause the Skateboarders were very strict and didn’t let us into the competition. But we could skate the miniramp and had a lot of fun, till the rain washed some of it away. So we went for a lil ride and visited teh Montreux Skatepark. While the sun came out we rolled the indoor mini and the Pipe

Toby, 180 transfer from the quater to the bank

Toby, Sweatstance up the elevator.


When i came home after more trainrides i tooka bath and did some shoots in my Lightbox, experimenting with lightning.


Oh, and i’ve got my Pawn Wristguards 😀

NiMH Shima2 review

May 22, 2008

well.. mostly it’s just me talking bullshit and do all kind of fishbrains..

but maybe some one likes that 😀


Part 2 of the Last episode of FP-TV

May 22, 2008

just started and already gone,
a sad day for Swiss rollerblading, but it was long overdue.

Fourproductions TV 3
Toebee interview and Bowlpark St.Gallen Review

Roughcut and full of bullshit and mistakes …. but who cares? not me :d

Part 1
Vimeo – Part 1

Part 2
Vimeo – Part 2

Part one of the Last FP-TV Episode online

May 20, 2008

sadly the last one.
But you all read already about the troubles.

so enjoy that last one. (Part one, roughcut, full of mistakes)


May 18, 2008

AO Makio with grab.

while filming for the NIMH 2 Review.