sarnen again

whoa, that was a impressive day today, not just that i pushed myself a bit more and did some new tricks and lines in the bowl, i also made friends with some BMX guys who were real good. And the whole Swiss-connection (except Jona who is in America do some Secret Stuff for Tom Hyser (oops) )

Grill some würscht

Grillchef and Photograph

Cosimo, high airs

Siddi, backside

Studi, Sweatstance thru the corner

Studi, fishbrain the same way

Roger, backside

BMX guy (sorry forgot your name) High air

That Guy again wit a RAW 360 something

Sandro brun, AO Soul

Reto, AO Porn

call it a day


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4 Responses to “sarnen again”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Reto is wearing the Xsjado ’08! Didn’t know anyone from the Rolling Rock Team wore Xsjados :O

  2. ste Says:

    the alley oop top porn isnt topside. but good pics dude

  3. Daily Dirt Picture Post « Canadian Roll Says:

    […] Daily Dirt Picture Post Published May 5, 2008 Industry News The Daily Dirt blog has updated with some fantastic shots of some skatpark rolling. Some of the shots will be shown below, but to see the rest of them in their full quality go HERE. […]

  4. Mutschler Says:

    here comes the rain again.

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