NiMH Shima2 review

well.. mostly it’s just me talking bullshit and do all kind of fishbrains..

but maybe some one likes that 😀



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3 Responses to “NiMH Shima2 review”

  1. NiMH V2 Review…Kinda of « Canadian Roll Says:

    […] NiMH V2 Review…Kinda of Published May 22, 2008 Industry News The Daily Dirt blog just updated with a completely honest review of the new Nimh V2 skates. The review is rather funny, and gives you a good look at each part of the skates, because it is taken apart piece by piece. Not only do you get a review, but at the end you also get to see some skating. So if your thinking about picking up the skate, or just want to see the review, watch the video. If you want to see the original post go HERE. […]

  2. Aurelio Says:

    Nimh is skater owned, Valo is owned by Roces a large corporation. You decide !

  3. » Daily Dirt: NiMH Shima2 review | Says:

    […] Daily Dirt: NiMH Shima 2 review. […]

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