After Toby’s little misunderstanding (epic fail) and an endless Trainride (broken Locomotive, late Trains, and a complete breakdown in the Thun Trainstation) ,
we didn’t compete in that contest cause the Skateboarders were very strict and didn’t let us into the competition. But we could skate the miniramp and had a lot of fun, till the rain washed some of it away. So we went for a lil ride and visited teh Montreux Skatepark. While the sun came out we rolled the indoor mini and the Pipe

Toby, 180 transfer from the quater to the bank

Toby, Sweatstance up the elevator.


When i came home after more trainrides i tooka bath and did some shoots in my Lightbox, experimenting with lightning.


Oh, and i’ve got my Pawn Wristguards đŸ˜€


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2 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. jklroll Says:

    sweatstance shot is kewl!

  2. art of rolling Says:

    sell me those pawn gloves pleaseeee

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