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Adam’s Day

June 30, 2008

just finished a Movie poster for Jonathan Ofek, a fellow Movie-maker and Rollerblader from Israel.

A movie about a Rollerblader.

Premiere in Israel, i just have that info Flyer, but cant read that font 😀



damm RAW

June 30, 2008

RB SOLO leak

June 30, 2008

fresh from bemag/msgboard
RB Solo pict

weekend pictures

June 30, 2008

well, at least some movie stills. I’ve took a lot of pictures too, but be-mag wants to have a look on them so i’ll wait a bit before i post them.

Sunday Session at the hidden Bowl im ZüriGhetto


June 28, 2008

last night.

new CA edit

June 26, 2008

edit from the controlled accidents blog (to find on my links)

and if you watch closely you see the new RB-Skates



June 26, 2008

damm much work, a lot of icons to draw and animate and a interesting and constructive meeting with the driving forces in swiss rollerblading. Seems like i’ve got a lot to do soon.

And for the best: We will have a End of Summer Session that year again.

another pict

June 25, 2008

thanks to estiloskater 😀

summerclash picts

June 25, 2008

here some random picts from my summerclash experience. Since it was my holidays i just took my lil tourist cam with me 😛
not photoshopping either.


do not forget

June 24, 2008

bulle flyer