weekend photography

As some of you know, i hurt my hand last week ( i think i wrote that in here) so i didn’t skate as much as i wanted ( and when i did, i hurt myself more and more) so i just took some picts.

1 more will follow later.

Toebee opens up with a nice Frontside…but dude, 1993 called, they want their grinds back

Sorry Atilla, no tricks from you.

Toebee’s offspring, 540

Timur going high…

some french skateboarder (damm good bowlrider) 5-0 almost the whole length

Last but not least, Toe-Butt with a zero-fish

some are missing, as much as i miss some 😦


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One Response to “weekend photography”

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    […] Daily Dirt Photo Update Published June 4, 2008 Industry News The Daily Dirt blog has recently updated with a few shots from a weekend of rollerblading. If you want to see the original post with all the pictures, which are featured in better quality, go HERE. […]

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