berlin trip #2

so, much bullpoo and big ramps. Toe-bee is killing himself, Luki is just bored and naggin’ around.
I iz hurt my handz all the time.


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2 Responses to “berlin trip #2”

  1. Daily Dirt Berlin Trip « Canadian Roll Says:

    […] Daily Dirt Berlin Trip Published June 18, 2008 1 Looks like a lot of people are going on tours this summer, which is amazing because meeting new people and seeing new places is always a good thing. As I type this the Daily Dirt blog is updating many of the occurrences while on a Berlin, Germany trip. This is the second picture update while on the trip and I will post some of the pictures, but if you want to see the rest go HERE. […]

  2. Shali Says:

    How’s Berlin? You guys having fun over there?

    I got a call yesterday night: got the job in Frankfurt and got another one in Bonn, too! Yeeeeahh! Thanx for letting me sit with you in your lucky cabin!

    hope you’re having a great time….

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