whiteledge picts

today i was in Sarnen again.
I took some pict of the bikers there and rolled the Bowl as much i could, twas pure pleasure with my new FR wheels.
Almost trashed a little bike-kid who was snaking me. But a little yelling at the kids mother and explaining why it is dangerous for more then 1 person to skate the bowl (mostly cause i’ll get very angry ) it went better. Janosch, a old-time rollerblader, decided to strap on some skates and try it again. Cool thing happend when a Skateboarder told me that Rollerblades finally start looking good, pointing to my VALO’s

Later, after some Pesto/chicken encanced Pasta, we went to the Whiteledge to shot some picts in the dark.
See them here.

Janosch, bs torque

me, tts

me, bs torque

me, bs backslide


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    […] Session Pictures from Daily Dirt Published August 28, 2008 Industry News The Daily Dirt blog recently updated with a few really nice shots of a ledge session. I really liked the pictures so I decided I would share. I will post some of them below, but to see the full picture set in their original size go HERE. […]

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