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re-design Skatepark Montreux

September 30, 2008

Montreux Skatepark Homepage


“new” skates

September 28, 2008

wooha, finally my “new” original, never-used Roces Majestic12’s arrived.
Thanks to my father who dealed with strange sellers and Ebay.


September 26, 2008

another rendering..

all night long

September 24, 2008

well, almost. it was a long day, unusually not work but a shitload of rolling.
We were in Winterthur and filmed an Edit for The New box (made by claudio bohle, with a little help from jan and chris) is pretty cool and makes the skatepark a lot better 😀

The sun of win shined on me in more than just one way, i finally met Mr. Pasanen (Swiss Rolling Video “plastic” and a lof ot cool picts) and he offerd his help for my w.i.p. filmproject.
In other OG news: Dänu from Bern was there too and ripped the miniramp, Reto shredded the skatepark (sadly not the box i was filming) and Cosimo laced hammers like nothing.
Let my hair dry fast, i need sleep.
And my prayers goes to my Macbook who is in the awful hands of the DAtaquest people right now.

dominik wagner

September 23, 2008

section of the Year, yeah dude!

nicolas schopfer portrait

September 21, 2008

he had a little photo/filmsession and i didn’t check all the picture but this one is really good for me.
Just natural Light from a windows above my backdrop.
Nikkor 55mm, f1:4, s1/100

sadly the compressor killed it.. i have to re-work it.

session today

September 21, 2008

i give later some informations..

but i can tell you we had a cold but cool session.

new project

September 19, 2008

after the inspiration on my old Robot-Project died down, I decided to start a new one.
A little simpler.
Modelled in SILO, rendered in C4d (rigging comes soon too)


i hope you have no plans for october

September 19, 2008

cause there will be a lot of stuff going on.
For example the Contest in Lausanne.

does anything makes a Point?

September 19, 2008