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VALO 2.5 Teaser

October 28, 2008

sadly no skating.


new NimH souls

October 27, 2008

thanks Killgore

nice working day

October 27, 2008

well…sometimes a little job transforms itself into something special.
Today i was shooting a 360 shot of a Model, Maria Dolorez . And it was pretty fun, we worked with LED greenscreens and a Turntable. While we were shooting, she asked us if we can shoot some clips of her friend too, he just arrived from London and met us at the Set. Turns out he is Joseph Fiennes, we had pretty fun and i managed Maria to play a bit Kendama in front of the Cam. Clips will be there soon 😀

Bowlopening in Steckborn

October 26, 2008

at the boarder (aka the fucking big lake) to Germania was a bowlopening yesterday. The Rollingrock Showteam 😀 was there and rocked the Bowl. IMHO a vertbowl is pretty useless out there but it’s better than nothing, even when just 1 of 1000 people will skate that thing properly.

some picts are online on

here a preview:


October 24, 2008

some clips with my 50mm lens.

Cirque du Sol, eh?

October 24, 2008

online with permission of the SOL crew.
any god available shall bless canada.

a sad day, it truely is

October 24, 2008

i just got the bad news that Autodesk (like the microsoft of CGI)
bought up Softimage
I’ve got a pretty bad feeling about that. On the other hand, there will be a Mac version of XSI…maybe.
I just hope they won’t re-write the software or worse, re-design it.

bowlpark opening

October 23, 2008

in Steckborn. Google it yourself.

i’ve found just a pict of the w.i.p.
but it looks deep and scary.
The Rollingrock Team will be there. But it starts early so don’t come too late.

old rendering

October 23, 2008

just found that, its about 10 years old and made in StrataPro 3.1 😀

best DSLR ever made

October 23, 2008

thanks bemag