Chris Nachbur edit

When Chris asked me to shoot a edit for him to parley stuff out with Bauer, i thought he was joking, i didn’t even start to work on his brothers Edit (and sure has no time for that till X-mas) but he kept begging and even came early in the morning in the park to shoot. It was a good idea to test the P2 cards, even when it limited my recording time to 15 minutes, cool thing is: we shot between 13 and 15 min worth of clips for that Edit and it was enough.
Chris did a lot of cool tricks some of them 1st or 2nd try (except the miniramp stuff, hehe) and we managed to gather enough of them in a short amount of time. The unusually Sound he choosed was a surprise on the good side and i had a creativity flash (monday morning 0200..omg) and made the whole thing in one go.




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  1. Chris Nachbur Edit « Canadian Roll Says:

    […] The Daily Dirt blog just updated with this original edit. I pretty much like everything about this edit, but the editing is particularly good and stands out.  If you want to see the original post go HERE. […]

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