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valo shooting

December 30, 2008

here’s a little pict from the setup.


and for your entertainment.. rumors shalt be spread




December 29, 2008

shot by remote jesus ๐Ÿ˜€


watch “9”

December 29, 2008



December 29, 2008

here’s a little wallpaper for all you Valo ppl.

well, “little” it fits on most 30″ screens ๐Ÿ˜€

right click and save as..

if someone needs one for a smaller resolution… mail me

another rendering

December 24, 2008

another render of my Room, with a bit less DOF
C4D11, AR3 Sky and Sun, no other lightsources


December 23, 2008

x-mas battle royale

December 19, 2008

review and photos on be-mag.
Check it our HERE


December 18, 2008

some new renderings
maybe a bit much dof ont he one ๐Ÿ˜€
all C4d and AR



xmas battle 2008

December 15, 2008

holy crap. the amount of sleep i didn’t get was enormous. I was busy at work and arrived at 2030 in the skatepark where everbody (well, study, reto and a few more) were already busy with building the new ramps. So i unpacked my screwdrivers and started construction a lot of stuff to make the skatepark enjoyable for rollerbladers ( thats the problem when everything is built for skateboarders) we worked till half past midnight and after that i went to bed. Studi is still young and went out drinking.
Saturday morning we hurried and set up the whole registration table. Thanks to the online registration we just had to collect the money and cross out the people who came in. Sadly there are still people who just don’t read the “online registration only” stuff we had everywhere on the page and flyers. The Kids Contest wasn’t that big and we all knew before that chichon would win.
The senior contest was raw, we had a hard time to judge and at the end we had 5 people who deserved the first place and fought about half an hour till we declared the winner.
Congratulations to Chris Nachbur. 2nd place goes to Mr. Mushroom
Bowl Contest was great and the unstoppable Matthias Silhan won with his 2+ meter high airs and his flawless style. Reto Bรผsgin made 2nd place with highspeed technical tricks and his ability to land fishbrains everywhere he wants.
The Best Trick Contest ended with the 3rd Rider, Beat Schillmeier, he came back from the Hospital where they sewed up his sliced leg, and laced a topporn to drop on the crane (there will be a picture) jumped into the bank and disastered a true topporn on the long Ledge.
Everybody knew then that there is no chance to beat that trick but this is no reason for not trying it anyway.
Later we had the Valo premiere which was great till somebody had the great idea to disconnect the power chords, but that was fixed fast. Great vid btw.

After that most of the Rollerbladers went to the Afterparty in the Salzhaus.
We went to the Hotel first. Arriving there we saw 3 police cars and somehow we weren’t even surprised. Got in for a quick shower, met up with the rest of the Swiss Connection and head out to get some food and booze later.
I left early (around 3 in the morning) to get at least some hours of sleep before i had to get up again, short after jojo came back. We then headed back to the skatepark to tear everything down we built.
All in all it was a lot of work, lot of trouble and lots of fun and great rollerblading.
But for 2009 we should start to organize a bit earlier.

some more renderings

December 11, 2008

here is the same situation, rendered with the C4d Advanced Renderer.
I couldn’t use too much time on it casue ‘m pretty busy and had to do that in my renderbreaks.
It’s funny how the colored walls give colored caustics. it’s much stronger than in the photo and my MentalRay tests.

That one is rendered with GI AND a Pointlight,

and that one is just GI from the self-illuminated Material of the Bulb