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better pict

January 29, 2009

of the salomons



finally an update

January 28, 2009

sorry to all you readers (if there are any)
i’m pretty busy right now and everywhere in the middle of a lot of work
so there is practicly nothing in my life beside work and sleep right now.

but i finished the first of my Salomons. Thanks to Al Dolega to invent Night soulplates.


Reto Bürgin 08 Profile

January 21, 2009

another Swiss OG makes a Comeback (well, the only one, but it sounds better : ) )

4×4 and Sleaze DVD premiere

January 16, 2009

at Saturday 24.01.09
Rollingrock Aarau


New concrete skatepark

January 15, 2009

maybe in summer/fall 09

More Infos

new FinalCutPro

January 15, 2009

so we finally got the new FinalCut pro.
Sadly Apple stopped to produce it, but kellogs tried it’s best.
Wich is NOT good enough. The main problem is that you can’t import any Clips or sounds.
And the GUI is… uhm…a bit ..special.
Whatever i’m gonna get myself the Windows movie maker.



starwars re-told

January 15, 2009

yeah, i’m a geek

more toys

January 14, 2009



not mine, but i can use it whenever i want. Well… i still wait for the D400

polish post

January 13, 2009

wow.. it just took them 2 weeks and a few days.



January 13, 2009

shameless stolen from xkcd