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link of the day

February 26, 2009

still my favorite architect ever


some updates

February 24, 2009

damm dudes, i’m pretty busy with work that days. I’m learning a lot of new Stuff everyday and i have barely time to roll or sleep. (my twisted knee helps a bit to avoid Rolling right now)
Last saturday we were filming a lot of experimental stuff and had some great results wich you will see in the new Palireel.
Below is a Stageshot of our little setup. We shot around 100G’s of footage to get that 10 seconds we finally needed 😀


Toe-Bee goes to the Winterclash

February 20, 2009

I brought my D90 to the Clash, mostly for taking photos, but in the end i don’t even shot one pict, but took a lot of footage. Due to the lack of a good grip for filming on a DSLR (and me not wanting to haul around a tripod) it’s pretty shaky. Mostly i had to concentrate on try to keep the focus and had a lot of shaking and stuff. But it give the whole thing a unique look that looks pretty interesting IMHO.
There is no significant Storyline, we, more or less, go to thru the travel, the pre-clash days, and the whole main happenings incl. the ride back home (who was endless, i tried to capture that in the long outro sequence).
I hope you enjoy that little flick wich is not about hard tricks but more about having a good time and sitting in trains a lot.

think about it

February 19, 2009

great timelapse btw.

Bas’ winterclash edit

February 19, 2009

short but nice….

winterclash real day 5

February 15, 2009

the other day was not day 5, my bad.
we got up early and i sit now in brussels waiting for some waffels and toby.


winterclash day 5

February 14, 2009

we had a strange trainride to eindhoven, we met some swedish rollerbladers and Jason Adriani and his gang.
Unfortunatly our train broke down and we had to change it and roll to a different station to get a connection to eindhoven.
Later we met Quark at the Area51 skatepark and left our bags at his home. The Park is Awesome but still not as good or big as the now burnt down skatepark in Sint-Niklaas. We sure had a lot of fun and rolled for over 8 hours. Sadly Bas’ bag with his skates got stolen but the power of bemag will find and punish the thieves.

winterclash day 4

February 13, 2009

so, after another loud night (hotel right by the trainstation is tricky)
we abused the breakfast buffet for the last time and prepare ourselfes for the trip to
Eindhoven. Quark (another be-magger) invited us and with any luck we wont have to share a room with his Tarantulas.
Next post from holland.

last tricks in the NewPact skatepark

February 12, 2009

we can still hear the fire trucks heading towards the park.
Sad but…nothing but.. it’s sad.


fuck fire

February 12, 2009

skatepark burned down.
We either head to holland of go home.

shit happens.