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new Setup

May 31, 2009

i made up a new street setup.



filming day in Chur

May 31, 2009

today we’re shooting in Chur.
After meeting up with Lukas and Reto, we “borrowed” a car and Lukas showed us his new driving skills.
After some Coffee- and Peebreaks and a bit rain, we managed to hit up in Chur at the first spot where Reto just killed himself and finished his day at begin.


Lukas showed us his Truemistrals and Reto took some pictures.

I eventually managed to skate too and did some Topacids



When all of us had out part of slams and bails and the rain began to fall, we went back to the car to the next spot.

Next Spot. With Reto as the main cameraman we filmed that Soul to Gap from two angles.

And since it’s a few years ago, i did a Soulgrind on a Handrail (yeah, not much way to hurt myself there i know 😀 )

some photographs

May 30, 2009

i took them yesterday evening while i was wating for the train.
It’s an shuttertime about 1/25th to 1/10th.
600 iso and a exposure of 8.






another day, another coffee

May 28, 2009

why am i that addicted to coffee.
i wish i knew, i don’t even like the tast that much, but somehow it keeps me awake thru the day.
I didn’t sleep that good and somehow still not managed to buy new pantz. So i slid down a ramp on my bare skin and ripped my ass.
I think i take a few days off from rolling and heal up.
Today there is a lot of 3D work for me and tonight i have to gather up all the pictures i still need to publish.

do it…fgt.

coffe achiever


May 26, 2009

first bmx edit.

new shirts are here

May 26, 2009



Happy Towel Day everyone

May 25, 2009


shooting in kriens/sarnen

May 23, 2009

today we were shooting some park clips in Kriens and Sarnen.
Sadly the Skatepark in kriens is totally fucked up thank to the junkies there.
and we left after Jan did his trick.
Sarnen is the exact opposite, a great nice skatepark with easy people and we even had time and space to test our track dolly.
The Dolly works not as smooth as i wish but it’s just a first prototype anyway.



moviestills from today

May 21, 2009

We were shooting in Baden Today.
Luckily we weren’t too mayn people so we could get a nice load of clips.
Mostly from Jan.
I have to say that i’m still happy with my Camera, but not with the Compression rate. Go Nikon, do something. Beat that bloody 5DMk2!

raw stills from the clips






Chris Nachbur USD edit #3

May 21, 2009

here’s another day in the Life of Chris Nachbur.

and for HD lovers, download it at

Vimeo link