another day, another coffee

why am i that addicted to coffee.
i wish i knew, i don’t even like the tast that much, but somehow it keeps me awake thru the day.
I didn’t sleep that good and somehow still not managed to buy new pantz. So i slid down a ramp on my bare skin and ripped my ass.
I think i take a few days off from rolling and heal up.
Today there is a lot of 3D work for me and tonight i have to gather up all the pictures i still need to publish.

do it…fgt.

coffe achiever


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One Response to “another day, another coffee”

  1. jesus Says:

    armer dude 😀
    und weg dine Pants, han ich en typ; check out
    det heds ultra gemütliche Dickies Shorts. und na anderi geili klamotte..! 😀

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