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ignition trip 2009

June 30, 2009

visiting the ignition park for one last time.
Lots of fun was had.

wanne see it small and ugly, check the embed file.

wanna see it big and beautiful, click HERE and download it (if you´re registered to Vimeo)


Grill’n Chill

June 28, 2009

first official Bowlsession in 2009
Grill and Chill in Sarnen


* bring your own beer and meat 😉

and the last one

June 24, 2009

Full Resolution

That´s the last test i made for now.
Completly RAW footage (i had to add some grain in the 5D shots in the other tests cause some directors goes apeshit when there is no “FILMGRAIN” visible)

in comparison between then 5D and the HVX200 with the Letus i have to say that the 5D is a lot sharper and has much less noise in the RAW footage, on the otherside it has a lot more contrast and leaves less room for grading chances. But it films on 1080p with 30 fps when the HVX films on 1080 with 25 fps.

5D footage was converted to 25fps in AppleCompressor

Both clips were shot with an F3.5 and the shutter time down on 1/25

Additionally the 5D was on ISO 400 to soften up the contrasts, wich were also turned down in the manual controls.

I did, obviously, not use any external microphones on that one, so there is no need to listen to the sound :d

another test

June 23, 2009

another Test.
This time in 1080p


Cam Test

June 23, 2009

HVX200 vs. Canon 5Dmk2

You better watch it big HERE


June 19, 2009

New Ucon Add

June 19, 2009

Shot on Red…

Yes i’m fucking yealous.

Ucon Add

abwesend und so weiter

June 17, 2009

für alle leute die die bedeutung dieser statusanzeigen noch immer nicht begriffen haben.


June 17, 2009

damm i’ve got a freakin’ sunburn.
Thanks to a sharp, cold wind and a filming day on the Lake with no breaks.


on the good side i just got the news that i won the pitch for the new appartement.
Picts as soon as i’m there for a sneak peek.

rollerblading is hard

June 15, 2009

jimmy took some hard slams while shooting clips for his profile.