lot of work

as i told you i was hired to work on a shortmovie production for a contest.
I was the camera assistant and the technic guy, both in one. And i´ll also do the whole
editing and other post production stuff like grading, de-shaking etcetc.
We decided to shoot on the Canon5D cause the budget was low and we just had one for free use.
It was quite difficult and Quinn, our DP, was not quite happy with the handling but loved the image and the DoF.
A lot of improvisation and Ductape was used to get the shots the way we want but we made it work.
Fanny Vazquez is the director and had a lot of fun and trouble to herd the group of 4-11 year old
kids who were the main actors.
In the end it was a whole load of fun, i learned a lot and of course i just LOVED to stay at a 5 star hotel for free.

Now we work on the Roughcut and should be finished at Monday the 13th.


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