first prize

holy crabs,

i was always sure that we made it top 10, and i pretty much hoped for getting the publicum vote.
And when we sat in the Cinema, listning to all the speakers and guests, and first thing we hear was that the online vote was cancelled casue some people hacked the system, i was pretty disappointed. Slowly the screenings of the movies that made it top ten got shorter and when the 3rd and 2nd place went away and there was only two movies left i was struggling between hope for the goal and the shame that we may not even made it to the top10.
And suddenly we heard that our team won the prize.
Well there were tears of joy from the actors, almost a heartstroke for our director and just fun for me.
There are no press news out right now but i’m sure there will be reports and photos and post them as soon as i get some.
If you missed what that all was about, i post some links here.

News: just saw the first review on the HTR magazine: LINK


shooting updates

after shooting


enter the contest

and finally the clip itself, in sd, there will be a full 1080p version soon:

Preview on vimeo


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