This is a Page about me, my weird mind and my work.

so expect some strange grammar (i’m from switzerland), much rollerblading picts,
and from time to time some rants about human mankind.

you’ll find posts about rolling, daily stuff (train lag etc..)
and 3D/Film/Postproduction



5 Responses to “About”

  1. bernhard jan fehr Says:

    this website is brilliant

  2. owen_serf Says:

    I’m living/skating/working in Switzerland for the next three months.
    What part are you from? (I’m living near Zurich)
    I want to go street skating because I went to Winterthur skatepark and didn’t like it too much.
    Also Laussane skatepark looks very good!
    Send me an email: o_parry@hotmail.com
    Owen Parry

  3. Pascal Achermann Says:

    hihihi ajajaj…

    isch en geile blog claudio!
    hmm ich bin chli am idee sammle für s 3d camp und ich freu mir riesig mal regelmässig 3d mache z chöne. I LOVE multipass RENDERING isch mis mott 😀
    und ja haha :X mir müend em cyrill bibringe das er das XSI vorher eus verkaufe/miete muen bevor er das verkauft das wär sooooo schade!

    hesch e reine link-list, het dert no es parr geili links… a propos 3d

    hmm no was guck ma da -> http://www.raffael3d.com/kulturplatz.html

  4. milos babic Says:

    Bro, your portfolio of 3D works is more than good! I am interested in how you manage to accomplish the quantity and quality at the same time. Are the works shown on this blog your property or result of a team work, in a company.
    I am interested in this type of art and a little more than half year ago I began to study programs such as Rhino, Modo, ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Illustrator, Photoshop… Any help (comments, tips, tutorials, etc.) in this area would mean a lot to me and would be helpful.
    Keep on the good work! All the best!

  5. ryanloewy Says:

    Really enjoy the site man! Ace stuff!

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