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new renderings

May 14, 2012

modelled in cinema4d
rendered in octane



April 18, 2012

of mine,

hell yeah.

new short i’m working on

October 18, 2010

awesome compositing.

April 8, 2010


ASCII animation from 1968

March 23, 2010

in mother russia, ASCII animates YOU.

visit the new palindrom page

November 14, 2009

i just hope it won’t take us another 8 years for updates 😉


true master

November 13, 2009

nice one

October 19, 2009

really well done.

Screen-Up Trailer

October 1, 2009

i recently worked on a Trailer for the annual Screen-Up event.
We burned a lot of stuff and had mad fun with the Macro Lenses 😀

see it here ins smallvision or spend some time to download it in 1080p.

Vimeo 1080p Link

lil innuendo

July 6, 2009

just a great webfind