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April 18, 2012

of mine,

hell yeah.

last day of the year

January 4, 2012


November 12, 2011

Off Beat Homepage

90 Minutes of conforming and grading in Autodesk SMOKE

– light –

August 22, 2011

little clip i made.

Shot on the AF101 in 1080p50
editing and postproduction in autodesk smoke.
No CG no add filters except a glow for the flares and regular colorcorrection and keying


August 17, 2011

film work

June 14, 2011

yes i also do musicvideos 😉

Photo by Erich Gasser

another day at work

February 25, 2011

and now, i’m also an RED Operator (just a little one)

slowmo test

February 10, 2011

all 3 clips were shot in 720p50

clip #1: Shot with a 135mm lense with a 1/500 shutter
You notice the stutter from the fast shutter and
there was also a problem with the structured
background and the overlapping bodyparts which
killed the time-remapping.

clip #2: Shot with a 12.5mm Lense, also 1/500 shutter.
Got rid of the background problem, but the
stutter stays.

clip #3: Same lense as before but now with a 180 shutter
eliminated some of the stuttering but gives me
too much motion blur in the slowmo part.

i think i’ll have to do some more tests.

new camera

February 4, 2011

got a new toy,

its for rent: Rig + Lenses + Operator = 300-500 Sfr. per day. (depends on how much fun the project is)

for informations contact me: info(at)


January 7, 2011

20 layers of uncompressed 1080p footage.