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working with SMOKE….

May 16, 2011

…and encountering a problem.

Smoke is:


happy resurrection day

April 24, 2011

i’m at work. 😦

new camera

February 4, 2011

got a new toy,

its for rent: Rig + Lenses + Operator = 300-500 Sfr. per day. (depends on how much fun the project is)

for informations contact me: info(at)


November 29, 2010



November 24, 2010

deal with it

November 23, 2010

early morning typos

November 10, 2010


got home at midnight, got fucked up in Minecraft for a few hours, had to catch the train at 0620
and now im back in the company.
Finishing a Imagefilm, giving Rollerblading lessons tonight, should finish the Beat Schillmeier Chosen Few Profile ASAP
the Rollingrock Video till dec 11th
and today i got a msg from a director who wants me to edit his short till dec 2nd.

uh and i have a job besides that

i wish i get paid for all that


October 21, 2010

im tired


October 8, 2010

another one

October 5, 2010

got up at 0600

ready to shoot some more interviews…easy money 😀

tomorrow Rawlerbooting

btw: RAW