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old but nice :D

January 12, 2009


December 23, 2008

no words

November 27, 2008


November 19, 2008

in characteranimation and music.


October 24, 2008

some clips with my 50mm lens.


August 31, 2008

we had a great concert with the band yesterday. I met a old friend from art school there and we had a good time. I went to bed early in the morning, got up a few hours later and went to the sarnen skatepark. Funny thing: there was a Skateboarder, even good one, who brought his Daytonas to the park 😀 (if you don’t know what a Daytona is, learn your roots, noob!)
On the less funny side: he snapped a nerve or something in his back while rolling and had to leave.

whatever, here are 2 picts i shot at Saturday night.

just great

August 29, 2008

ispiration is everything 😀
well…inspiration and a shitload of hard work and good ideas.


August 25, 2008

so, finally my little Parody is online. Inspired by the Vibralux spoof on the FullyFlared Intro i made a Parody of both, mostly to learn a bit hof to film proper in HD. Thanks to Toe-Bee and Raedu. Not to forget, it was damm fun to make that and its on the Location of the old Rollorama Skatepark in Thun who got teared down. All the Ramps are made of garbage we found on the spot.

i strongly suggest you watch the fully flared intro and the vibralux online video first, if you don’t already saw these 😀

Download it here –>
DOWNLOAD Quicktime h264, 700 MB

I have it on Vimeo, but the Quality is bad but good enough for you cheap users

[Vimeo 1598666]

another great clip

June 5, 2008

music education

June 2, 2008

as the sad news from bo hit me, i watched some old clips
(thanks for youtube 😀 )
and i found a cool clip about DonMcleans masterpiece….

Rock’n Roll won’t fade away even when the music dies slowly