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new renderings

May 14, 2012

modelled in cinema4d
rendered in octane


new rendering

November 13, 2009

made for the Palindrom x-mas Cards

SILO, C4d and Maxwell2


working on another one

October 20, 2009


whew… it goes on again.

October 19, 2009


jajaa… finally

another one

August 6, 2009


and another one..

July 31, 2009

that one makes more fun.
I’m gonna make a break on the weekend but i’ll gonna work on a better
studio and i’m gonna design some props.


day three

July 29, 2009

idea by D.
(and Spongebob)


got new skills

May 15, 2009

i can add “kills every computer and app in shortest time” to my ability list.
I just killed Maxwell with a scene that contained not much more than 200k polygons.
On the other side whatsoever, i really like the Grass displacement.
Here something to show.


some new 3D stuff

May 8, 2009

i’ve got Maxwell and now i’m busy watching tutorials and learning the new stuff.
A first Rendering can be seen here.


New concrete skatepark

January 15, 2009

maybe in summer/fall 09

More Infos