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bulle edit

August 20, 2009

thanks to claudio Bohli, there is finally a bulle edit.

and to see it in the full 1080p goto
Vimeo Link


claudio bohli remz leftover edit

August 6, 2009


May 26, 2009

first bmx edit.

Chris Nachbur USD edit #3

May 21, 2009

here’s another day in the Life of Chris Nachbur.

and for HD lovers, download it at

Vimeo link

old parkedit

May 17, 2009

filmed by me,
and i’m the guy rolling..well at least its my 5 year younger me.

New Chris Nachbur Edit

January 12, 2009

I was out filming for an edit about Chris Nachbur, testing his new USD sagonas.
We went to the new-built Skatepark in Zurich…wasn’t a good choice. Obviously they wantet to have as much elemts as possible on the small room tey got, and now there are a big bunch of banks and curbs crossing each other, making it impossible to skate lines when there are mot than 5-10 people. Worst thing is that the Flat of the miniramp is the Runup to the Stair-Ledge set and always blocked by a bunch of people.
With some shouting and get rid of Tony-Hawk kids we managed to get some clips from the best and if not only good spot in the Park, the Miniramp. The Runup is awful but Chris managed to lace some very nice tricks.
Filmed with the RodEnt Prototype #1.

Chris Nachbur USD-Sagona_tryout Edit

what is the RodEnt

January 12, 2009

well, i did some more filming tests with the first Pre-prototype and it went pretty well.
Of course i need to wait for the New Sensor and Body but the one i have right now is already better than expected.
You’ll see the Edit online somewhen today.
Not changing topic too much i just want you to remind that sometimes reading a good book is the best thing that you can do
while riding trains. I just re-read Terry Pratchetts “Moving Pictures” and i don’t know how much he does research but his books are always closer to reality that i feel comfortable with. Just go out and read any of them books. You’re gonna love it.

X-Mas Battle Edit 2008

January 9, 2009


filming and editing by Lukas Artho

Chris Nachbur edit

November 17, 2008

When Chris asked me to shoot a edit for him to parley stuff out with Bauer, i thought he was joking, i didn’t even start to work on his brothers Edit (and sure has no time for that till X-mas) but he kept begging and even came early in the morning in the park to shoot. It was a good idea to test the P2 cards, even when it limited my recording time to 15 minutes, cool thing is: we shot between 13 and 15 min worth of clips for that Edit and it was enough.
Chris did a lot of cool tricks some of them 1st or 2nd try (except the miniramp stuff, hehe) and we managed to gather enough of them in a short amount of time. The unusually Sound he choosed was a surprise on the good side and i had a creativity flash (monday morning 0200..omg) and made the whole thing in one go.



ail contest edit

October 10, 2008

pretty well edited and a really good song. Oh and crazy tricks,

click’n download