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new FinalCutPro

January 15, 2009

so we finally got the new FinalCut pro.
Sadly Apple stopped to produce it, but kellogs tried it’s best.
Wich is NOT good enough. The main problem is that you can’t import any Clips or sounds.
And the GUI is… uhm…a bit ..special.
Whatever i’m gonna get myself the Windows movie maker.




about a.. about me

November 30, 2008

its pretty rough right now. I’m packed with work, deadlines are coming up, i might have fucked up a big project (it’s all about if the cusomer likes it or not), still have not managed to get a working relationship and i just have not enough time to roll (besides it’s winter and dark at five).
So i’m pretty pissed.
But as i managed to find some tome to roll today, i once again forgot about all my bad moods and problems. I just rolled for about 3 hours cause i had about 5 hrs of sleep last night (great concert last night) and i was still in a very bad mood in the morning cause i watched a Sol vid and rememberd that i have noone to skate here in luzern and hop narrow-minded and (a bit) fucked up the swiss rollerblading scene is (compared to..let’s say, canada 😀 )
Well, back to my rants (it’s my blog, i can say what you want, GTFO if you don’t like it) i arrived in Basel, met up with toby, ate a not very good chicken wrap from Burger king (i’ll stay with the long chicken) and then we went to the Skatepark. Toby gave me a Medium hoodie, thanks again for that one, and we went rolling, did some tricks on Street, Vert and a lot of Miniramp. And the great thing is that i just did some easy rollarounds and some basics and bang! I was zoned out and just happy with myself. 5 hours later i still am, but start to think about how addicted i really am to rollerblading. And WTF i’m gonna do when i’m not able to roll anymore. Good thing is that, beside a nasty accident or serious sickness, i will be able to roll for a very long time. Other good thin is: i’m not talented in rollerblading. I never can do a trick and it just goes on. I worked for every little shitty trick and practise everything since 13+ years. And there is still soo much to learn. Sure i would like to be a lot better, do more Rails and harder tricks, but on the other side i may be bored out for a long time if i could do anything already and i really think that’s the reason (besides getting older, get a job etc..) why so many great talents just stop rolling, cause they’re bored and want to do other things) I, on the other side, i am a well rollerblader, but just cause i never stopped doing it the last decades and not cause i’m good at rollerblading.
And it’s late and i really should eat something and i still love to roll, and to rock.
And i don’t want to write more.