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about a.. about me

November 30, 2008

its pretty rough right now. I’m packed with work, deadlines are coming up, i might have fucked up a big project (it’s all about if the cusomer likes it or not), still have not managed to get a working relationship and i just have not enough time to roll (besides it’s winter and dark at five).
So i’m pretty pissed.
But as i managed to find some tome to roll today, i once again forgot about all my bad moods and problems. I just rolled for about 3 hours cause i had about 5 hrs of sleep last night (great concert last night) and i was still in a very bad mood in the morning cause i watched a Sol vid and rememberd that i have noone to skate here in luzern and hop narrow-minded and (a bit) fucked up the swiss rollerblading scene is (compared to..let’s say, canada 😀 )
Well, back to my rants (it’s my blog, i can say what you want, GTFO if you don’t like it) i arrived in Basel, met up with toby, ate a not very good chicken wrap from Burger king (i’ll stay with the long chicken) and then we went to the Skatepark. Toby gave me a Medium hoodie, thanks again for that one, and we went rolling, did some tricks on Street, Vert and a lot of Miniramp. And the great thing is that i just did some easy rollarounds and some basics and bang! I was zoned out and just happy with myself. 5 hours later i still am, but start to think about how addicted i really am to rollerblading. And WTF i’m gonna do when i’m not able to roll anymore. Good thing is that, beside a nasty accident or serious sickness, i will be able to roll for a very long time. Other good thin is: i’m not talented in rollerblading. I never can do a trick and it just goes on. I worked for every little shitty trick and practise everything since 13+ years. And there is still soo much to learn. Sure i would like to be a lot better, do more Rails and harder tricks, but on the other side i may be bored out for a long time if i could do anything already and i really think that’s the reason (besides getting older, get a job etc..) why so many great talents just stop rolling, cause they’re bored and want to do other things) I, on the other side, i am a well rollerblader, but just cause i never stopped doing it the last decades and not cause i’m good at rollerblading.
And it’s late and i really should eat something and i still love to roll, and to rock.
And i don’t want to write more.




August 13, 2008

of me. Shot by my father. He really improved his skills. But i need some powder stuff against skin gloss, and a softbox for my 2nd flash.


August 2, 2008

i’ve got my new glasses today. RayBan New Wayfarer.
They’re pretty cool and i really like them.

Shot by myself with my new self-made ghetto softboxes.