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water experiments

December 26, 2011

135mm 5.6


April 15, 2011


October 11, 2010

yes it still happens

Rollingrock Gallery

June 2, 2010

(and even some Razors Riders..somwhere, sometime)

see more on the RollingRock Blog


April 23, 2010

with my actual VALO setup.

some new photographs

March 9, 2010

as seen on bemag
Lukas Burgunder, Vertical Soul Stall

Roger Sutter, Ao Soul


some new stuff from work

December 8, 2009

Car we work on

And some experiments with Caustics

more news and stuff on PALINDROM

13 years RR

November 27, 2009

Impressionen vom Event

und in gueter qualit├Ąt: Vimeo Link

Originalartikel auf RollingRock Blog


November 17, 2009

One obstacle, 2 tricks.

Claudio Bohli, Rocket Grab

Jan Nachbur, Mute Grab

new pict

November 9, 2009

lot of work, not much updates.
me sorry.

Jan Nachbur, Cross Bs Backslide.
jan_001 copy