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– light –

August 22, 2011

little clip i made.

Shot on the AF101 in 1080p50
editing and postproduction in autodesk smoke.
No CG no add filters except a glow for the flares and regular colorcorrection and keying

some new renderings

March 5, 2010

some renderings i’m working at:

more on

visit the new palindrom page

November 14, 2009

i just hope it won’t take us another 8 years for updates 😉


wake-up updates

May 6, 2009

We are still working on our in-house short movie and i decided to cut a little teaser.
Mostly to give me a feeling and a direction for the whole thing. I’m also almost happy with the grading now.
But i’m still not undecided with the font and the sound.
As i said, just a rough cut.

i’ts all shot on a Canon 5D, mostly natural light, sometimes we add some.
PP in FinalCut and Motion.

have fun
and better download the thing for the full 1080p experience


moar TV coverage

October 15, 2008

now some french-speaking TV-show covered the project i made the graphics.
Check the clip from 3:30 (it’s another project before)
I’m even in the picture for a second, pretend to work on the stuff.
I made the 3D Stadion and all the filmings and a lot of the keying.

Click to watch

greenscreen time

March 15, 2008

whoa.. my first time in a big studio..we were filming a cheering crowd for a Euro08 game today and were in the Online Studios.

It was pretty cool and funny. We made a bunch of bloopers for your entertainment. I will key and edit these as soon as i find some time.



slomo and pp

November 14, 2007

feat. Gun

oh, and never make a pp on a MacBookPro without a reference Monitor 😀

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