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some nature renderings

April 14, 2011



all geometry, no GI, 4 min rendertime at 1080p


new rendering

July 6, 2010

some new renderings

March 5, 2010

some renderings i’m working at:

more on


December 18, 2008

some new renderings
maybe a bit much dof ont he one 😀
all C4d and AR



some more renderings

December 11, 2008

here is the same situation, rendered with the C4d Advanced Renderer.
I couldn’t use too much time on it casue ‘m pretty busy and had to do that in my renderbreaks.
It’s funny how the colored walls give colored caustics. it’s much stronger than in the photo and my MentalRay tests.

That one is rendered with GI AND a Pointlight,

and that one is just GI from the self-illuminated Material of the Bulb

xsi batchrendering is fun

December 4, 2008


i have now 3 MacPro’s in my renderpipeline and i let them render simultan on different scenes.
Now let’s just hope it works out well and i don’t find too many rendererrors.

old rendering

October 23, 2008

just found that, its about 10 years old and made in StrataPro 3.1 😀


September 26, 2008

another rendering..

new project

September 19, 2008

after the inspiration on my old Robot-Project died down, I decided to start a new one.
A little simpler.
Modelled in SILO, rendered in C4d (rigging comes soon too)


rendering #2

September 5, 2008

hell, another C4d rendering.