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no rain today

May 2, 2012

don’t trust the weather in the morning 😉




November 1, 2011

a few picts from our Trip to Amsterdam


June 19, 2011

Rolling Rock Teaser screencaps

July 22, 2010

Teaser out on BE-MAG

i <3 Rollerblading

June 16, 2010

missing 2 pair of valos and a K2 style point bob


June 8, 2010

more on the Rollingrock BLOG

new CotW

May 14, 2010

featuring me

thanks to toe-bee for filming.


stills from the dvd shooting

April 19, 2010

reto has a lot of exposure.

Rollingrock COW#2

December 2, 2009

That time i’ve tried to film rollerblading with the 5D.
The conversion from 30p to 25p gave the whole thing a nice decent slowmo feeling and
the blue-ish grading made it calm. Sadly the contrast was too high and the on-camera screen
makes the picture look better than they appear on my screen.
But i’m sure that can be solved with some work in the image-processing setup in the cam.

Shot in Winterthur,
feat: Cosimo Tassone, Claudio Bohli, Lukas Artho, Roger sutter, Jan Nachbur.

1080p for download: Vimeo Link


November 17, 2009

One obstacle, 2 tricks.

Claudio Bohli, Rocket Grab

Jan Nachbur, Mute Grab