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June 19, 2011


working on Retos section

October 8, 2010

Rollingrock Gallery

June 2, 2010

(and even some Razors Riders..somwhere, sometime)

see more on the RollingRock Blog

Lots of work

May 31, 2010

as you may have noticed i’m getting very slow with that blog.
Mostly cause there is too much work all day (and the weekends) and partly cause
i post all the rollerblading stuff on the Rollingrock BLOG

I sure hope to get back to daily updates soon.

here’s a little screenshot from the filming for the Rollingrock DVD

some new photographs

May 16, 2010

find them HERE

new CotW

May 14, 2010

featuring me

thanks to toe-bee for filming.


stills from the dvd shooting

April 19, 2010

reto has a lot of exposure.

still shooting for the RR dvd

April 7, 2010

a Videostill from Reto, lacing a timeless Backslide.

new shoes

March 30, 2010

with chewing-gum flavoured soles

you can buy them at ROLLINGROCK

filming in the rain

March 21, 2010

we were in Basel yesterday, sadly the rain was persistent all day.
At least we managed to shoot some testclips with the new camerasystem.
Needs a lot of practise but looks awesome.