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no rain today

May 2, 2012

don’t trust the weather in the morning 😉




April 2, 2012

yes, i’m back on grindplates 😉

i <3 Rollerblading

June 16, 2010

missing 2 pair of valos and a K2 style point bob

Double Trouble

September 25, 2009

epic Double section with T&C i made from old XM2 footage.
Produced for “delicately handmade”

this is the HD version.

and in HD: Vimeo Link

blue suede shoes

June 11, 2009

well not exactly suede, but at least steel-blue Salomon ST-tens.
Size 6, a bit tight but i bet the will grow on me.
But i sure have no clue why they sent me an Brake who doesn’t even fit.



sunny days

April 12, 2009

i know i should edit that footage from the last weekend.
But know what? FU i go out and roll.


thanks to remote jesus for pressing the trigger.

ok… :S


finally an update

January 28, 2009

sorry to all you readers (if there are any)
i’m pretty busy right now and everywhere in the middle of a lot of work
so there is practicly nothing in my life beside work and sleep right now.

but i finished the first of my Salomons. Thanks to Al Dolega to invent Night soulplates.


polish post

January 13, 2009

wow.. it just took them 2 weeks and a few days.